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In meeting our natural desire of feeling wanted, needed and loved we must feel we belong somewhere . Whether it is in  a family, community, group, or an idea, this connection comprises who we are. There are times when we may feel isolated or that no one understands us. Sometimes we pretend who we are just to “fit in” and mold into what others think we should be just so we do not feel a disconnection.  According to Erik Erikson, a huge player in the theory of human development, there is a conflicting psychological state of intimacy vs. isolation that a person goes through. Is it necessary that we go through this isolation, or more so introspection of who we are to truly understand where we belong?

 No matter what origin one comes from, all of us are missing something that makes up what we are yet to become. There are lessons to be learned,  and people to meet that evolve us coming through our revolving door.  You can’t say we are not changed by those who come in and even out of our lives. God puts a purpose into play with the players on the board. I guess it is your choice in what move to make, but the most important thing I have learned is to know that love is where we belong. You can never lose sight of your true identity with that mentality. I know that it can be difficult, living in a secular world and deciding your worth based upon your appearance, how much money you bring in, or how high your status is. This human condition is such a wavering state of mind that can determine who we are and where we feel we belong. The only thing that is unconditional and stable is God’s love. Bringing that into my daily life has transformed me into who I am. More importantly it puts serving others into perspective . We have one life to live. And not that acts or doing things paves the path to Gold, because the price has already been paid, but it delivers one to a higher state of gratitude and grants a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. Those who can serve with love without expectation of receiving are living with purpose. Living for others is what it’s all about, right? Otherwise why do we feel we need to belong to something? Let’s continue to build each other up and choose kindness and love and share it with each other.

Ladies of Chicktime you are a model of this. Thank you so much for being the amazing women that you are. You give me a sense of belonging to a community I am proud to be a part of.

A big thanks to Equinox Laser Tag. Brad, Chris and Joseph thank you so much for giving your time, and facilities to make an extravagant event. You men are amazing and this event was so memorable!

Also thank you Dudetime for coming together and joining us in such a fun day!

I will see you at the next event. I love you all.

<3 Phoenix