July News


June Update

Beauty was found from within as we embraced our inner self through poetry, yoga, crafting cross bracelets, and beautifying our nails.   Many of our new life girls wrote lyrics, prose or journal entries at the poetry station. As they shared their writings with us the emotions and struggles they feel truly came to light further enforcing the value of Chicktime and how much it means to the girls to have us consistently share this time together.


Jamberry nail decals provided fun ways for the girls to express their creativity and their fun side with all the different designs. Denise Whistler provided all the supplies for this great station that everyone really enjoyed.


Special thanks to Tamra Christiansen for organizing this month’s events and lining up all the leaders for each station. She also led yoga and provided homemade brownies for us to enjoy.


Carli Elliot hosted the poetry station and really enjoyed engaging with the girls and provided great resources for them to expand their creative side. And thanks to Christy Wagenfuhr for leading the bracelet station. They were so pretty and you could tell the girls enjoyed wearing their new creations