July News

Please join us this month on Saturday July 27th with the girls of St. Jude’s Ranch for Children to experience something truly great. Guro Jayson “Alupihan” Pena from Street Smart MMA in Canyon Lake is presenting a self defense seminar for the girls of St. Jude’s Ranch.  This girl’s self-defense seminar will teach them techniques that can be real life-savers in a dangerous situation. Please come to experience this sharing opportunity.  Volunteers are paramount for our success in offering love, laughter, and support for the girls of St. Jude’s. We need people like you. Bring your friends and your daughters! Please contact Betsy or Lesli for more information. Lesli- mattfamily5@gmail.com; Betsy – bfontaine01@gmail.com.


June Highlights


We had an amazing event with the girls in June. We did manicures and pedicures and had an awesome time. A huge thanks to all of our volunteers who showed up to make it a success. A special thanks to our national founder Lori Rhodes who donated the supplies and came to participate as well.   Everyone came out of the event with beautifully painted nails and a great feeling of fellowship.