July News

     This upcoming Saturday, 6th of July is a special day! We will have Yuleidy Gonzales leading us through a Color Theory and Mixing/ Fingerpainting party as we celebrate Chicktime’s Miami Founder, Jennifer Puig’s 30th birthday with the children at Florida Baptist Children’s Homes and all our lovely Chicktime volunteers!.

     Yuleidi will be gracing us each of us with a cupcake she will bake with a friend so we can spend 2 hours decorating it while learning about color theory, primary and secondary color mixing. Yuleidi is a talented passionate artists that loves fingerpainting and experimenting with a variety of colors!.

    Once we decorate our own cupcakes, we will create a collective “finger-paint canvas card” inspired by love, friendship and celebration, while we listen to music and create!. Please join us as we spend 2 hours of pure joy and art while inspiring children to follow their gifts and passions!


Chicktime Monthly Leader:

Yuleidy Gonzales

Co Leaders:

Jennifer Puig, Natalie Romero, Jessica Freites


Saturday, July 6th , 2013


1:00 -3:00pm


Florida Baptist Children’s Homes

                7748 S.W. 95th Terrace, Miami, FL 33156

Please register for event by emailing jennifer.puig@gmail.com  or by clicking “register” under the events calendar!

Thank you for helping us bring hope and encouragement to children who call Florida Baptist Children’s     Homes their home:)


 June Highlights:

    When speaking to my co-leader Natalie Romero about the activity she would be leading for the kids, I understood that we were all in for a treat, not only creatively, but also fun, challenging and informative! For this activity, all the volunteers teamed up to bring recycled material from their homes, to embark on a journey of self discovery and relationship building through the creation and construction of a “dream car”.

We got into teams of 3 and 4 participants, combining volunteers and FBCH children, and spent 1 hour and a half working on a recycled material car that would race at the end propelled by balloons and straws.

Many of the teams were not able to “figure out the mechanics of a working vehicle”, but sure learned in the process the different aspects of engineering and building.

The winning team received a Chicktime shirt they had been asking for, and a faith inspired book to keep.

  Thank you to all the volunteers that came out to support and partake in this fun activity who shared and expressed their creativity, assistance and motivation!

    A special thanks to Natalie Romero, for leading and guiding us through this process and believing in us  until the end!

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