July Highlights

As we come mid year of this wonderful year of 2015, we would like to reflect on the amazing people and resources that God has put in our lives and the lives of our Krause youth. We are so thankful to be received with excitement and with so much respect by our Krause youth month after month. It is because of them why we have this burning passion in us to organize these fun activities with so much love and it is so wonderful when our effort is appreciated.

July was a special month. We were given the opportunity to let go of one of our activities and to share the space with other volunteers who are also very eager to share time with the Krause youth. We had only one activity this month and it rocked! We had Warrant Officer (WO) Adan Jaimes come and talk to the girls about life in the military. His story was so special because we learned about many misconceptions that we all think about the military that are not true. Who knew that not everyone who is in the military is fighting in the front line? (Okay, maybe some of you smart people knew that…but I’m sure you would have learned at least one new thing!) The girls were so engaged and asked very good questions. With each group of girls, the conversation was always different! It all depended on the interest of the girls and of their unique questions. Thank you Anabel and Adan for sharing your story. You are both an inspiration and a great model for youth and adults everywhere! Thank you to all of our volunteers that came and were such great listeners! We love you guys very much.


To give back to these wonderful girls and to give them a worry-free environment, we will be hosting a carnival for them on September 12th! We will have carnival snacks, carnival games, face painting, and so much more! Each booth is led by volunteers like you!! Please let us know if you are interested in contributing to this big event!! Contact Lorena at loreavi22@yahoo.com or call/text at 832.866.5601

carnival 2015 invite