July Highlights!

July brought spice to Krause! We dipped those chips and moved those hips with salsa making and salsa dancing! Bethany was the activity leader of the salsa dancing and Anabel was the activity leader for the salsa making. Our activity leaders led with great passion and shared why they were passionate and so excited to share their passion with others. Bethany explained to the ladies that dancing helped her embrace her hispanic side of being bicultural. She loved how she could just be real with the girls and loosen up and have fun! The Krause girls took the initative (they are natural born leaders!!) and showed Bethany and our volunteers how to “wobble”! Anabel shared her passion of salsa making that has been passed down by her mother. Salsa making gave room for the girls to express their individual and creative tastes by making their own salsa.


We are so thankful for all the volunteers who helped and gave love to us and to the Krause girls! Thank you to Bethany and Anabel for sharing their beautiful passions with us and for inspiring us to step out of our comfort zones so that we may grow and find our own passions.


We are so excited for what August is bringing! Join us as we move to the beat of science with ZUMBA and ELEPHANT TOOTHPASTE!! See y’all there!