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When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.



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We all need connection. It’s why women come to Chicktime and people join anything to begin with. Everything is based in a foundation of relationship. As women, I think Many of us can agree upon the importance of relation and connection to others in our lives. Leading this Chapter so far, has bestowed me the most beautiful connections with wonderful women and amazing girls with so much potential for a full, vibrant, life. It takes a community to help the girls achieve that. I pray that everyone who is a part of Chicktime knows that they have a place in making a difference in them achieving their best selves through all of your unique talents, interests, passions, love, dreams, and generosity. Who you are and what you choose to give is so valuable for a Chicktime Chapter’s sustainability. Without this we would not be able to continue to touch the hearts and souls of these girls facilitating the next generation to have a better life.


The passion inside me for connection in pursuit of building others up and lifting them to their success in life has created so much prosperity and peace in my life. I hope it has done the same in yours. Coming into 2016 I come with so much gratitude for you ladies. My Goal this year to build a larger community so the impact grows for these girls and other girls who do not know Chicktime yet. As the sun rises in winter’s early morning lets be the light of hope and courage, and faith to conquer the unfairness of their circumstances and ARISE to become the women that God intends them to be. Let’s lead each Chicktime with presence, style, gratitude, and grace so we can be the women who gather and unite in peace, faith, love, compassion to keep making difference in our communities.


Ladies you are Lovely and I could not do this without you. Thank you for everything you do. Excited for 2016.  I Love you all.