January 2013



Ok ladies!  This is it!  We are launching Return to Power this month!  This is the program the Crisis Center has asked us to facilitate for the victims.  The goal of Return to Power is to arm these women with the tools it takes to reclaim power of their own lives.  Our first date is  January  26th at 10:00am.  313 W. Debard (right next to the Thrift Store!)  We will be doing a ‘Dress for Success’ type event…. discussing what to wear (with a trip to the Thrift Store)  tips for interviews and applications etc.  We are going to do hair and makeup and a Fashion Show!  This is going to be so much fun and also put a little tool in their arsenal!  So join us to help empower these women.  We can use ALL the help and  support we can get.  SO if you are good at hair, or interviewing etc……PLEASE JOIN….. US WE NEED YOU…..but more importantly….THESE WOMEN NEED US!   There isn’t anything a group of passionate, driven women can’t accomplish!


We had the honor of helping  with the Crisis Center Christmas Party.  IT WAS A BLAST.  We painted ornaments, played Christmas Bingo and Musical Chairs!  The kids had soooooo much fun (and so did we!)  The room was filled with true Christmas Cheer.  It was soooo much fun  seeing the kids relax and celebrate.  Through all the hustle and bustle of the Holidays it is so easy to get wrapped up in all the “to do lists” but we were reminded of the true meaning of the Season….Amy said it best with a quote from the Grinch ” Maybe Christmas” he thought  “doesn’t come from a store…..Maybe Christmas…..perhaps…..means a little bit more!”