About Our Chapter

My name is Elisabeth Christian. I reside just west of Chicago with my husband Michael and our 3 children. The journey that has lead me to Chicktime all began when I was 18. While I had all the love and support of my mother, the opportunity to attend an all girls private high school, a private college… I was not without my own personal struggles. I found myself pregnant at 18 years old and honestly had no idea the path I was putting myself on, when from the outside my life was seemingly perfect. I had always known about “teen pregnancy,” even had a couple friends that were moms already while we were still in high school… I knew the judgment that was cast, the stereotype that was made on these young women. From that point, I had set out to make my life different. I was not going to be a “stereotype”. I was going to push thru and persevere!¬† Since that time, my high school sweetheart and I have gotten married, and had two more wonderful children and have broken that mold that seemed to be what was ahead in our futures. I worked with an organization for some years, specifically with teenagers as a home visitor, doula and educator to those who have already made the choice of parenting or by going out into local high schools teaching healthy/smart choices and providing them with information so that they can make educated decisions about their futures.


My goal in establishing this chapter of Chicktime, is to provide love and encouragement to young women so that they are able to pursue the dreams they’ve had since they were children. To provide loving, supportive arms and trusting relationships to nurture the passion that is inside them. It is in the core of my being to be a leader and of service to teenage girls at such a pivotal turning point in their lives.


If this speaks to your heart, choose to journey with us as we care for and nurture or future generations!


Please contact me for more information about Chicktime West Suburban! To join our chapter, simply click the ‘subscribe’ button below and select IL-West Suburban from the drop down menu.


All My Best,


Elisabeth Christian

Chicktime West Suburban Founder