Meet The Leaders


Cieara Swainston



Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

I serve a leadership role with Chicktime Boise because I believe in my gift as a leader. I believe that I have an ability to inspire others to take action and work to make our community a better place. My passion for helping those around me is enough to inspire and call to action the people in my life and when you have a gift, passion, or talent such as that I believe that you have an obligation to show those around you and maybe even awaken the leader in them as well.


My passions and gifts:

I have a passion for people which I really find to be the basis of my gifts. I see myself as having a gift of understanding people well and being able to communicate with all types of people, even if their walk of life may be very different from mine. I have the gift of a big heart that is full of lots of love to give and I have a tendency to give out love with no expectation of it being returned which I find to be a very big gift indeed.


Hobbies and Interests:


Reading and Writing


Sports/Being Active

Serving Others/Helping the Community

Inspiring/Leading Others

Self-Development/Leadership Development

Living Each Day to its Ultimate Good