Help is Needed!

We won’t be meeting this month,¬† but would like to help SafeHaven fill some immediate needs!

Can You help us? Contact ftworth@chicktime.com and let us know how we can meet up with you to pick up any of these items!

Let’s bless them by overwhelming them with items on this list.

July Update

Tonights’ F.U.N group event is in the books.

Shout out to Monica and Nancy for coordinating a fun filled scavenger hunt. (We missed you Patricia?) And a huge Thank you to all of our volunteers who came out tonight; we couldn’t have done it without all of you.

See you in September but in the interim, keep following our Chicktime Fort Worth/Chicktime Fort Worth page or http://chicktime.wpengine.com/fort-worth/ chapter page for chapter news and additional opportunities to bless Safehaven until the next F.U.N group!!!

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