Hello Summer!

April Update:

Well, that’s a wrap!
We were so excited to present the new clothes closet to the teens living at Miracles OutReach tonight! Many months of fundraising, blessings of donations of materials and labor, stacked with delays due to covid paved the path to today’s finish line! We are so proud of the final product and truly honored to serve the teens at Miracles OutReach.
We hope and pray that this clothes closet- the boutique- will always foster an environment where these teens feel love in the midst of the unthinkable circumstances that brought them here. Our wish is that they “shop” with dignity and that each piece they pick to be their own is one tiny step to them feeling normal again.
We have some final touches to do over the next few months and a fundraiser at the end of the month to help fund some storage pieces for clothing that doesn’t go on hangers.
Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers, and to those that donated their time, skill and materials to make this dream a reality! We are so grateful that you give us a foundation to do what our heart so deeply desires.