Grab a Paint Brush!

June Update:

Thank you Volunteers. We did not get pictures of all volunteers, but all that were there the kids loved! The kids did not want volunteers to leave!
We had ice cream to start. Right as we were starting these 2 kids ran in asking “Where is the ice cream?!”. They pushed open a door I thought for sure was too heavy, but no, strong hungry ice cream loving cuties had no trouble expressing their love for ice cream! Several kids gradually followed. The ice cream with all the toppings and popsicles were a hit. THANK YOU HEIKE and your daughter for setting it up. After ice cream we did free play outside. Talk about energy. There was talent everywhere from basketball, running and more impressively kids helping kids.
On a short serious note there was an episode with a child in tears. Kirstin, Co-leader, stepped in and handled it with Grace. It was a good lesson on how as volunteers we can teach kids something meaningful in what may seem like a minor event, but truly runs deep. This child I suspect will take the care she was shown by a volunteer with them for the long term.
We will continue to strive for a positive experience for all