Game Time!

May Update:

We had a great time this past Sunday! Not only did we have fabulous food, but also made real fresh water pearl necklaces! Each girl received one large pearl, and a length of leather lace to make her own, made to fit, choker/necklace. As part of the devotional we used the parable of the Pearl of Great Price comparing the girls to the valuable pearl that Jesus gave all He had to purchase. I purchased a real oyster from Amazon and used it as an object lesson illustrating the true value of any person is hidden inside. The outside may not give a hint to the treasure inside but God sees us as we really are and Jesus was willing to die to purchase us. When we opened the oyster we found 25 small pearls of different kinds. None were perfect just as we are not perfect. We showed them pictures of mother of pearl as well as pieces of jewelry made from it.



We explained that pearls are created because of an irritation that entered the oyster. As we learn to overcome irritations we become beautiful people of greater character. The girls were so excited to open the oyster and pull out the pearls! Each girl was able to keep one pearl as well as her necklace. We had so much fun! And the best part is I think they really got the fact that Jesus considered them worth the price He paid to save them. Thanks to all the ladies who baked and came to help!