Game Time!


February Update

Our amazing friend and Health Coach,Leslie Hall, came to teach the girls at Jenkins
Institute about Healthy Eating. We prepared a delicious vegetable soup using all
fresh ingredients.

We made a no-bake peanut butter chocolate cookie which was delicious! 


Leslie helped us educate the girls on how to read labels
and gave “Eat this,not that” options for snacks, school breakfast, and lunches.
Many girls tried vegetables they said they didn’t like, and were surprised at how
delicious they tasted in our sou
p. One girl, in particular, was amazed what a little lemon
juice can do to vegetables and for your digestive track!????????
Thank you Leslie for coming to give our girls the tools they need to navigate healthy
eating!!! We also showed the girls why sugar can be so dangerous when consumed
without limits. Many kids are not educated on healthy eating habits and
Chicktime Charleston is so grateful for Leslie teaching us ALL some better choices we can make!!