Chicktime Shirts

Some leaders chose to go horseback riding

The Chicktime Mission Statement Appears on the Back of the Shirt

Why wear the Chicktime shirt?
It is really important that at least HALF of the volunteers at any Chicktime volunteer event are wearing the shirt to ensure that those we serve see us as a unit. Because our model brings in new volunteers each month to facilitate the workshops/activities, a lot of faces come and go. There are always regulars who come and volunteer but for the most part, many chapters see brand new volunteers each and every event. Most victims of abuse have experienced abandonment… promises of a return that never happens… and we never want to associate ourselves with sad memories of those in their lives who said they would be back and then didn’t. We solve this by identifying ourselves as a unit, a group… rather than individuals… and for that reason… we really encourage at least half the volunteers to wear the Chicktime shirt to help those we serve see us the ‘Chicktime Ladies who always come back’!!


Chapter Leaders Only: Chicktime shirts are available at wholesale pricing. Please log in and see the Leader Only VIP Information to view current pricing.
For Brand New Establishing Chapters: During the founding leader’s last training, you will find out about a special offer for brand new chapters to help get your first shirt order with minimal investment.


Chapter Members: If you would like a Chicktime shirt, please contact your local chapter leader. Shirts are available to ANYONE, not just members and are a great way to promote joy and hope in local communities. You can’t help but smile when you see the pink shirt… and the mission on the back will make eyes twinkle!


Fun tid bit on the shirts: Most chapters provide the children we serve (complimentary) Chicktime shirts so that the volunteers and the victims we serve can blend together when we meet. If you are a donor who would like to make a significant donation to your local chapter to provide shirts for the children/women in the homes and shelters we serve, please contact your local chapter. The donation will be processed through the Chicktime, Inc. 501 (c) (3) and is tax deductible.