Fun With Nails!

August Update:

Our Essential Oil Event was a great time with our girls at Canopy. Carolyn explained the value of the oils and there unique properties and applications. She compared them to the unique gifts and callings that God the Father put inside each of His children. The girls chose their favorite scents and created their own unique spritzer for their rooms as well as a sachet for their drawers. Of course, as always, they feasted on homemade snacks including chips with sausage dip, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, and wonderful gooey cakes! Thanks to our team of dedicated ladies who pray, prepare food and love on girls every month, the girls were able to experience the love and kindness of our precious Father again. Our thanks, also, to the staff of Canopy who assist us every week to be able to spend time with the girls for Bible Study, as well, as the fun time event each month. During our previous Tuesday evening Bible Study, several of the girls testified to having a life changing encounter with Jesus. One of the girls said, “I wasn’t sure He was real before, but I know now that He is.” Several days later I asked her how she was doing and she said she was not depressed anymore! God is so good!