About Our Chapter

Hey y’all my name is Laura Brinkmann and I’m proud to introduce myself as part the team re-launching Chickitme Fort Lauderdale where we are blessed to be apart of Chicktime. I am a single mom of a young daughter and we are passionate yogis and foodies. Health is our wealth. 
I was attracted to Chicktime for their drive to make a difference. Getting older I realize the importance of the love we give to our children and how that love forms them into stable and healthy adults. I want to be able to be apart of a group that understands the importance of love and how positive influence can help shape a child’s future. 
Our Fort Lauderdale chapter serves SOS Children’s Village where every foster child is promised a place of Healing, Hope and Home. We are enthusiastic about sharing our love, knowledge and passion with the children  and we are looking for volunteers who share in our enthusiasm. Please join us and share your love with the children at SOS Children’s Village. You never know whose heart you can reach with just a little bit of your positivity. 




Our History:

Chicktime Ft Lauderdale was founded by Tiffany Bouie in 2018. Tiffany’s goal was to spread love into the community
 and show women that no matter their past or present circumstance were, they too can be a reason for a child’s smile and the reminder that they are cherished. From a young age, Tiffany knew her calling and passion was to teach but it wasn’t until she began working as a English and writing teacher that she began to witness the lack of love and guidance children deal with on a regular bases. This made Tiffany feel the urge to help in a larger way. For her, that was Chicktime because not only did it give her an opportunity to help children find love but it also enabled her to help women like herself to fill the missing pieces in their lives and put their calling to use.
“Children will not remember you for the material things you provide but for the feeling that you cherished them.” -Richard L. Evans