Friendship Bracelets!

October Update: 

ur October event was everything we dreamed it would be! Not only did the girls have a great time building and racing “bristlebots” made from the heads of tooth brushes, tiny motors and batteries, but the also, enjoyed hearing how team “Wait for It” makes their robots and competes on a global stage. The team’s demonstration of their world champion robot, and with their knowledge of the world of robotics and excellence in communication, they made the workshop fun and fascinating.

As inspiring as the workshop was, my favorite part came with the testimony of one of the team’s Dad about his son’s healing. “Wait for It’s” team member, who is only 15 years old, was diagnosed last year with bone cancer. After receiving this diagnosis many began to pray for this young man’s healing. Two weeks later, no cancer could be found in his body and the doctors had no medical explanation for the change. We know that our gracious God healed him. His Dad spoke to our girls from a Father’s point of view. It could not have been more perfect. They heard his deep love and commitment to his son. His joy at the answer to his prayers. It was a perfect example of the Father’s love for us. The girls were able to see firsthand what a good Father looks like. We linked it to the Father’s love for them. It was a great moment.
Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for great hugs and love and service. As usual, our ladies out did themselves cooking and providing delicious snacks, sausage dip, ooey gooy cakes, brownies and more. We are so blessed to have such a lovely team who pours out their gifts and talents on our girls!