October Update:

What an AMAZING day!! It has been a few months since we last saw the girls. They were so excited to see us. There were many hugs and tears. One of the girls even serenaded us to let us know how much she missed us and that she knows we are looking out for her. Our leadership team showed up and loved on these girls and it was incredible to watch. Each girl connected with someone different on our team. It just goes to show the importance of having as many people as possible get involved with Chicktime. You never know which girl will connect with a certain volunteer.

They need all of us to show up for them. One girl came in and wasn’t wanting to participate. She was crying and really resistant to us at first. By the end of the workshop, she was smiling and laughing and hugging everyone. We are certainly thankful to be back and we have incredible things planned for the future! Thank you to everyone who voted yesterday! The girls really loved the contest