How We Serve

Dear Monthly Leader,

Thank you so much for leading the Chicktime Fort Worth Chicks! We LOVE spending time with the girls at Clearfork Academy and truly appreciate you for making it possible. Without monthly leaders bringing their joy and passion to Clearfork, we truly believe this program would not be the wonderful blessing it is to so many!


Here are a few general guidelines for leading a Chicktime month at Clearfork:

Your Workshop:

-We recommend you invite 1 girlfriend to help you lead your workshop. The workshop needs to be based on the passions and talents of the leaders…. YOU! For example, if you love art, prepare a program that will allow the kids to do some sort of painting or drawing or maybe a craft.  If your girlfriend loves yoga, she will prepare a yoga class and teach the kids the basics. Or if you are athletic, we have access to a large outdoor field, so weather permitting, you could plan a field day, Easter egg or Scavenger hunt for your workshop; Pinterest also offers tons of fun themes and ideas! You can also check out our Events for ideas from previous workshops. *You are also allowed to incorporate either a snack item that would complement one of the programs because the kids love to eat!

-Once you decide what your workshop will be, contact your Leader Co-Host (which will be assigned to you when you sign up) and discuss your ideas with her. At that time, she will let you know if your activities are appropriate for the Clearfork. All materials you bring to Clearfork must be approved so make sure you discuss those ahead of time.

-Clearfork can have a different count of teen girls housed each month. You must bring enough materials for all to participate, but please understand that on any given Chicktime Saturday,  we cannot guarantee how many kids will be able to attend. Consider the Chicktime chicks that will be in attendance as well but you do not need to provide extras for us. We are there to help you and to serve the kids! So keep in contact with the leadership team so we can give you a count for your workshop. 

 Clearfork  is Residential Treatment Center for girls ages 12-17 years old.

-You are responsible to fund all materials for your programs but we keep a supply of items like scissors, glue guns, pencils, crayons etc so please advise your Leader Co-Host if you will need these items and we will make sure to bring them. Also, if you need fundraising advice and support, please let us know ASAP!


Your Volunteers:

-Additional volunteers will join us on any given 2nd Tuesday and they will help to assist with the activities and rotate through the stations enjoying time with the children. You may bring additional volunteers to come and ‘play’ in addition to your program facilitators! Inviting your own volunteers to assist with your activity also opens the opportunity for new volunteers to experience Chicktime!





-Chicktime Fort Worth will create an invitation for your event. It is important that you organize your programs as early as possible so that we get the invitation out to the public. Ideally, we would like that information 1 months prior to your event. Your Leader Co-Host will be in contact with you to get the specifics needed to create the invitation. Our invitations are sent out on the 1st of each month so please make sure you have given you Leader Co-Host a general idea of what your workshop ideas are in time for the invitation to go public.


-Chicktime Fort Worth will send out the invitation for you using our database to our regular volunteers. You are encouraged to send the invitation out to your circle of friends and family as well as print them off and distribute to your community if you desire. On that note, please encourage your friends to fill out our web form and sign up to join Chicktime Fort Worth simply click the subscribe button at the bottom of every page to open the web form. Make sure to select Fort Worth from the drop-down menu. You are welcome to send a link the web form to your friends, post it on your Facebook page, and even include it as part of your email signature!


What to wear:

-We wear jeans, capris/long shorts and Chicktime t-shirts. We will have Chicktime shirts available prior to each Chicktime. T-shirts are available with $20 donation… we encourage you all to get one because it helps spread the word about Chicktime! 100% of the money goes to serving Clearfork girls! This is how we raise money for special projects for the kids. If you are not planning to wear a Chicktime t-shirt, Clearfork asks that the volunteers wear modest tops that show no cleavage, and shirts that stay tucked in or do not ride up past the waistline of their pants. When volunteers do wear shorts, they need to be long, to the knee if possible.





Other things to consider:

-Please respect the privacy of the kids by not asking for last names (or give our last names). We are to be on a first name basis with the kids.

-Please leave large key chains, purses, pens, and other sharp objects in our cars while we are in the facility.

-Phones should be put away and on silent. It is imperative that we are spending every second of Chicktime with the kids and not on our phones!

-Please do not ask where the kids are from or share where we live.

-Please do not use camera’s unless you are given permission.