About Our Chapter




Chicktime Fort Worth is looking for a Managing Leader to get this chapter back to serving. Reach out to donnette@chicktime.com if you are interested. 


Our History:

 Jana Hamilton served as the Managing Leader with pure so mjuch love.  Her favorite thing about  Chicktime Fort Worth is the  fact that we are allowed to share our passions and gifts with others and it allows us to expand beyond our immediate circle and fellowship with others who all just want to make a difference in the world. She believed we are all unique, but~together we accomplish our goals faster, stronger and happier as we share our life experiences and passions as we help to heal the community that we reside in. We wish Jana all the best as she navigates a very busy season in her life. 



Jana Hamilton


Denise Walker was Chicktime Fort Worth’s Managing Leader from 2015 to early 2022. She moved to Fort Worth and wanted to reconnect with serving others as she knew she was happiest when doing what she was called to do.  It was out of this very personal need, Denise served the chapter with grace, passion and love and a little bit of sassiness! She believed serving God was(is)  fun and it was evident in all she did and this attitude poured out to the monthly chapter workshops.  She built a leadership team to carry on her legacy so that when she moved out of state to be closer to family she know the community of Fort Worth would still be served by Chicktime Fort Worth. We are humbled by her service and wish her well as she moves into a new season away from Chicktime Fort Worth. 



Sophie Duprat founded Chicktime Ft Worth in 2012 and managed it until 2015. From the time she was a little girl, Sophie knew she wanted to devote her life to helping others in need. Her dream was to work for one of the huge humanitarian companies and travel (one of her other passions) through the world supporting and helping people. Through a series of events she gave up on the dream. Twenty years later, she realized it was the biggest mistake in my life and finally decided to be the woman she was made to be. We are so grateful for that decision and to Sophie for establishing Chicktime Fort Worth. Her dedication made it possible to bring much love to those suffering in the Fort Worth area.

Sophie founded Chicktime Fort Worth on the belief that everyone is important and valuable and the critical importance of showing others they deserve to be loved.