Meet The Leaders

Sadie Thompson
Chicktime Ft. Collins Founder & Leader
Why I serve a leadership role for Chicktime:
I serve a leadership role with Chicktime because it is my passion to empower and inspire young people. I have always felt called to serve in a way that encourages and uplifts children coming from adverse circumstances. Like many, I really didn’t know where or how to start until I was lead to Chicktime. Chicktime allows me and other women the opportunity serve in a way that is about having fun and sharing the various gifts we’ve all been given!
My passion and gifts:
I am a performer at heart dating back to my first school play at age 11. I majored in Theatre and have directed productions with children as young as 8 years old all the way up to the college level. Looking at life creatively is large part of my identity and helps me connect with people from all walks of life.
My hobbies and interests:
I love making jewelry and consider myself an all-around crafter. If you can string it, glue it, or glitterfy it, I’m there! I also enjoy cooking for others and trying out new recipes.