Flip Flops and Watermelon!

April Update:

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Yesterday we had our newest Chicktime San Antonio Central co-leader run our workshop and boy she went above and beyond! Ms. Sandra was wonderful! She made the kids some homemade breakfast burrito’s, yummy fruit salad, brought tasty lemonade and delicious cinnamon roll’s.

For our activity, Ms. Sandra began giving a quick educational course on potting succulent plants. Ms. Margo and Ms. Alicia helped with pouring dirt and the decorative rocks. Once the plants were potted, the kids started painting their pots. They got super creative! Check out the Spiderman one! One kid enjoyed the gardening session so much he potted four plants and asked if we could leave an extra one for him to decorate later!



created by photogrid

We are so thankful for our assistant volunteers. Ms. Alicia and Ms. Margo, we couldn’t have done this without you! Ms. Alicia was told by one kid that she reminded them of their grandma and they stood next to her majority of the time. Thank you all for making the kids feel so comfortable and making them feel at home.

We look forward to our next activity in May at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives!