New Smyrna Beach News

The news for our chapter is that we don’t have a leader. We have women on the roster ready to volunteer, but no one to lead us. If you have ever contemplated where you fit in on the issue of child abuse, we encourage you to act now. The simplest solution is to join our chapter and add your name to the list of women ready to volunteer when the chapter is up and running! The more difficult solution is to go FIRST and contact us about establishing and leading this chapter.




Please watch this video and consider being the nut who brings the Chicktime movement to your area… and watch what happens to the radical love that will develop in your local community… one connection at a time.



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Join our chapter by clicking the ‘subscribe’ button below and selecting our chapter from the drop down menu. You are welcome to fill out the web form multiple times if you want to join more than one chapter.




To explore Chicktime leadership, please click on the link to the left and read the free copy of our book, Chicktime. Pay special attention to chapters 4 &amp; 5 to learn the nitty gritty of establishing a chapter and the responsibilities of the local leader. You may contact us at info@chicktime.com for more information (but we prefer that you read our very short book first!)   🙂