February News

See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.


Card Making


We had an amazing January Event. A big thank you to Vicki Murphy who came and enlightened the girls and women about the power of putting thoughts into images and words to enfold our wildest desires in our lives. There are many times in life where hopelessness ingrains itself in the patterns of your thoughts, defeating your every move to making your life everything you imagine it to be.  I have had my fair share of depressing thoughts of not becoming the woman I want to be and achieve the accomplishments I desire through perpetuating old habits, processing negative feelings, and disbelieving the magnitude of what God can do in my life.  Even through those debilitating forces, to believe in yourself and your aptitude to create your ideal life transcends you to taking action to mold your visions into reality. Fear from circumstances, failure, or unworthiness can be broken through by your faith. Everything is meant to make you stronger, build you up to that vision of life that you will create for yourself.

To see the girls flip through the pages and of magazines and cut out images and words that empowered them to feel strong and aspire to become what they put on the boards was moving and a great representation of what we do at Chicktime. Show the girls that they are valuable! They are cared for and loved. Lifting them up and providing them the experiences and tools to achieve their best self. It is not easy to find that value and for them to create boundaries to protect their worth. I pray for every girl to know how special she is and to know the significance of her importance in this world. I know this because I struggle with upholding my value in a culture that says you are only as good how you look or how much money you make.  We all have our vices, we are human, but the most important thing we have is one another, community, and the gift of service we give each other.

Thank you ladies for sharing these few hours of heartfelt service. You are all amazing and wonderful women. I love you all. See you at the next event!