February 2013

On Saturday January 26 2013 Chicktime Palestine hosted the first Return to Power event at the Crisis Center of Anderson County.  We hosted a ‘Dress for Success’ type event.   Patsy Walker the Assistant Director of Nursing came and discussed interview dos and don’t, what future employers are looking for and even provided a list of questions to ask your potential employer.  Patsy shared tips for dress and things to make you stand out among a large group of people interviewing for the same position.   She brought each lady a goodie bag filled with tablets, pens, candy etc.  It was an enlightening experience to hear this info from a different perspective!  Thanks to Patsy for sharing her knowledge (and her Saturday) with us!  Finally, the ladies went shopping in the Second Glance Thrift Store with the Thrift Store Bucks they earned for attending the event!  




Our next Return to Power event is on February 23 at 10 am.  313 W. Debard St.  We will be covering healthy living !  How to do  self breast exams, healthy eating and yoga!  Please feel free to join us…..it truly does mean a great deal to these women to see a group of strong women there to support and encourage them.  


MARK YOUR CALENDARS……THE 3RD ANNUAL WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!  APRIL 27th!!  If you know a strong, caring, man with good balance….sign him up!!  The more men walking around the loop in high heels the more awareness we raise for a subject no one wants to talk about!  Let’s help get the word out that abuse against women and children WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!  We can always use help so give us a call if you want to pitch in…..its so much fun to be a part of this event.  Forms to sign up can be picked up at the Crisis Center at 313 W. Debard st…..or let us know and we will bring you one!!