Fall Is Here!

October Update:

What a beautiful day it was with the Chicktime San Antonio Central crew at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives! Miss Pamela brought a bunch of fall festivities for the kids. We painted pumpkins, skulls, turkeys, and Miss Selina was taking requests for animals. Little did she know the kids liked some unique animals! Have you ever heard of a blue tongue skink? What about a Vaquita? Look them up! They are cool looking animals 🙂
The Chicktime, Inc. Volunteers also helped make fall wreaths for the kiddos to keep. They came out so nice! Thank you Miss Mary for helping with that!
After the arts and crafts session, Miss Pamela passed out the snacks and drinks. The boba tea was a hit!
Miss Mary Lou, Miss Krystal, and Miss Ashley then brought in the donations and gifts for the kids. They were so excited to pick from the goodie box. One kid was ecstatic to grab a pair of flip flops that were in her size; another kid got all the pineapple stuffed animals ; one little girl got things that reminded her of the toys she had at home and told us this was the best day of her life!
We ended the workshop outside looking at the solar eclipse. We are so glad we got to share such a rare moment in time with the kids.
Thank you again Miss Pamela for such a great time! And thank you to all our wonderful volunteers that helped out on this magical day. Shout out to Miss Jade, Miss Lupe, Miss Brianna, Miss Tina, and Miss Jenny for providing donations for the kids!
See you next time!