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If you find yourself here and disappointed Chicktime Easton doesn’t have volunteer activities, you are in a good place to explore the idea of building a team and re-launching the chapter! The young ladies at Valley Youth House miss our workshops and we feel the call to find a new leadership team to continue the legacy started there. The girls at Valley Youth House have faced many hardships and Chicktime workshops offer them hope and encouragement and of course lots of love and laughter.    

If you have a heart for children and/or  if you have supported Chicktime Easton from the sidelines and want to do more….now is the time to act! We will give you all the training you need and help you transition into the leadership role.  

Please contact, Lori Rhodes, Chicktime Founder, at info@chicktime.com for more information. Feel free to look up chicktime.com and find out more about being a leader Chicktime leader. 

Come be blessed by being a blessing!


March Update

For the month of March, Chicktime Easton made colorful and inspiring dream boards.
The girls that came to the lesson searched through magazines,
and found inspiring words and empowering pictures
that symbolized who they are as strong women.
This activity was paired with good conversation and tasty snacks!
It was a day filled with art, smiles, and love! 



February Update

We had a great time at our February workshop! We made cute bullet journals,
ate cookies, and introduced the Chicktime Suggestion Box!
Listening to what the girls want to do is so important,
so we made a suggestion box so we can plan even more awesome events in the future!


January Update

Workshop was canceled due to winter weather!
The threat of impending snow kept us away,
but we are making plans for our February workshop!
See you soon!

December Update

We are Team Awesome, and our girls are just as awesome!

Our ♥️’s are filled with JOY????????⛄️♥️????????

November Update

We had a “sweet” day yesterday, with our group! I showed them had to make a no bake Chocolate Pudding, Graham Cracker ICE BOX cake❤️ 

It was enjoyed by all! I love our girls, and look forward to seeing them every month????????????????????????????????????????????


October Update:

We had the best time sharing all the special gifts, each and every one of the young ladies in the class and team possess, and shared with each other!

The lesson on Self-Care was inspiring and uplifting. The crafts were original and loved by all!


September Update:

Chicktime Easton is ready to serve as we officially announce our partnership with Valley Youth House!


Good News! We are excited to announce that the Chicktime movement is coming to Easton! If you would like more info about how you can bring joy to the children of our community, contact Braquelle at eatson@chicktime.com today and keep watching this page and our Facebook for more info!