Easter Is Coming~

March Update:


John 15:12: My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.
It’s so hard to put into words how good it feels to show up for someone who really needs you!
Tonight at our Chicktime New Braunfels March workshop a group of loving and giving women showed up for the teen moms who live at SJRC- Pregnant and Teen Mom Program. Whatever the reason is that brought them to this place … we don’t care! Their story has been hard and they need us!
Chicktime volunteer,Laura Najvar, provided all the fixings for a build your own Nacho bar! The girls built their plates high! Desserts and beverages were provided by Donnette Tyler… Lemonade, cookies and brownies… Yum!
Lesli Rodriguez was in charge of the monthly activity ! The girls painted terra cotta pots and planted succulents ! They all did such a beautiful job! The babies were fed, held, rocked and loved!
Until next month… our hearts are full!