DIY Frisbee Golf! Easy and Fun!

DIY Frisbee Golf!



Tomato Cages (as many as you want)
Dollar Tree Laundry Baskets (the same number as tomato cages)
Frisbees or Beach Balls
Stick your tomato cage in the ground for setting up.
Place your Dollar Tree laundry basket inside the center of the tomato cage.

Here are my 5 completed goals put together. 

Next place your 5 goals in different areas in your yard.
Give your kids some Frisbees and you are ready to play!
  If you have younger children you could use beach balls and have them “shoot hoops” around the yard.
One of the other things I love about this is how well it packs up when you’re done playing. 
Stack the tomato cages, stack the baskets, place the baskets inside the tomato cages, and that’s it.
Here is the link to the printable instructions.