Decorating Crosses!

October Update:

Today was definitely a Blessing. All the girls had an amazing time decorating their journals.

Just look at the detail…

Do you want to know what the topping on the cake was today? Well, our hearts were so touched… one of the girls came up to me and wanted to let all our volunteers know that she has been at Bokenkamp for 8 months and was VERY Grateful for the time and projects we had during the time she was there and for all the future events we hold there at the facility. You see, she is going home next week and she wanted to let us know because she is going to miss us. Wow! What a blessing! I was so moved and wanted to hug her and never let her go (but due to rules, no touching allowed).

To our volunteers….i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You touch these young girls’ lives and make a difference! Thank you to H-E-B for the drinks, snacks and supplies! You too make such an impact on these residents ♡ as they enjoy all the treats! Enjoy their journals…. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ for Chicktime CC’s ministry.