December News



Happy New Year! 2017 seems weird to say and write- it came so quickly. It seems like every year the time passes faster. The New Year is a time of reflection, and to set goals for the next year. I would like to do a little of that in this month’s update.

2016 had a lot of fun times with the Casa girls and Chicktime volunteers. I joined in February and was able to attend many events which showcased different skills we all have! I personally got to make greeting cards, play laser tag and paint a masterpiece.

I saw some of the girls at Casa learn and grow in their time at the home- they have some real artistic skills with the craft activities. When they participate in the group activities you can tell they are really living in the moment with us. They made Halloween headbands, enjoyed a Mexican fiesta and created a giant slip and slide which ended in a silly water balloon fight!

The volunteers are so kind, loving and generous. They love those girls in the ways they know how- through their many talents, praises, and time. Many volunteers have stepped into leadership roles to help our founder, Phoenix, manage her time and schedule better. These ladies have blessed me and helped me see the world through a different lens- I see so much kindness, generosity and helpfulness in our community now. It was always there, but their positivity and dependability gives me faith that we all can truly make this world a better place. One person at a time. I’ve seen it- through the Chicktime volunteers.

2017 is now here- it will have ups and downs, just like the other years. But if we go into it with a positive attitude, things will continue to get better. I think now more than ever we have to have empathy for others. So many people want to voice their discontent, and they may feel very differently about certain issues. It can be frustrating for everyone! But we must practice empathy- put yourself in their shoes. Can you try to understand their life experiences, where they are coming from, and why they have such a different opinion than you? Just step back and see the big picture, don’t be the person causing any frustration or hardship for others.

If you want change, don’t just wish and hope for it, but BE the change. Be kind to others. Make time for other people. Say yes to adventures. Put time and effort in becoming better at that skill or talent that you’ve wanted to develop. Be the example for others. When the day comes and they ask you how you’ve gotten so far, you’ll tell them “it was nothing.” It’s not true of course, it takes work to make the world better. But we can do it, one person at a time. I’ve seen it.


You can start by joining Chicktime this month! We are starting 30 minutes early because we don’t want to eat brunch food in the afternoon! We will have brunch and be creating inspirational dreamboards. These boards will help the girls think about what they want to do or accomplish in the next year, and it will be a reminder to them all year of the path they are on and what they can accomplish. I hope you can make it to this fun event!

Dream on,