December News



November Highlights

Special thanks to Kelly Vizzone who organized the November event at New Life.  It was a fun-filled day with a variety of activities to interest us all.  And, of course thanks to the station leaders, Marilyn and Ashley Bush, Tara Johnson and Mary Eastman.


Imagine making a living off of flour, sugar and shortening.  Sounds improbable, but not for Mrs. Bush of Mrs. Bush’s pies.  Marilyn and Ashley Bush provided an informative presentation about pie making.  It provided an insight into the possibilities we all have and that in finding our passion we can create our own success.  The New Life girls loved all the flavors Mrs. Bush brought to taste.  I think the most popular was the buttermilk pie.  Yummy!


Tara Johnson gave us an understanding of the hunger issues close to the border of Mexico.  We did our part to alleviate this problem by filling bags with beans and rice to be delivered to a food pantry near the border of Mexico.  Each bag contained a hand written note written in Spanish and English for the recipient to read a prayer and information about New Life.  We also made a fun craft at this station which included candy (always popular with the girls).


After our fill of calories, it’s time to work it off.  To really get our blood flowing, our host Kelly had us breaking a sweat with Zumba.  Kelly educated us on a brief history of the origin of Zumba, and then the party started.  We were jumping, spinning, twisting and turning to the upbeat music.   Following along with Kelly was challenging at times but worth the effort.  What a great stress reliever!  Who knew that exercise can be fun?


Finally, Mary Eastman put us in the relaxed mode with her Yoga instruction.  We learned about the peace and tranquility that can be felt through the stretching and relaxation exercises.   What a calming yet energizing experience.


To see more great photos of our event, go to the Photo Gallery page.