December Highlights!


Chicktime SA Central had a great time with the girls of St. PJ’s.  This month’s activity was a goal setting bash! We did not find out until the night before the event that most of our girls this month would be Spanish speaking, so we had some challenges but were blessed to have a few of our volunteers speak Spanish. A special thanks to Lynda Ramos who helped explain the instructions to our Spanish speaking girls!


We started the morning off with an explanation of the importance of goal setting. Each girl and volunteer received a sheet of paper where we started the process of brainstorming and mapping out our goals. Each girl also received a pink folder that contained goal setting worksheets that they could also use to assist them in mapping out their goals for the New Year. After our short brainstorming session, we then moved on to creating our goal/dream boards out of magazine clippings and power words.  A hot chocolate bar was also set up so the girls could enjoy a sweet treat during our goal setting bash!


Group Pic