December 2012 News

The Annual Anderson County Crisis Center Christmas Party is December 20th at 4:30.  They have asked Chicktime Palestine to help with snacks, crafts and games for the Kids!  We are so excited to be given this opportunity to spend time the with them.  We would love for  everyone to come and shower these kids with love and affection and show them the true meaning of Christmas!  So, please join is….if you have any questions or suggestion, please let us know!


Chicktime Palestine is excited to introduce “Return to Power”


The Crisis Center has asked us to lead this amazing program to help the victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse return to a life of power.  It is estimated that a woman returns to her abuser an average of 7-12 times before she breaks free for good. One reason women return so many times is because they need to regain power of their own lives.  Their abusers are in control.  So, if we can help them gain little tools along the way, they will slowly but surely gain more control of their lives.  It can be something as simple as learning how to budget, or what to wear to an interview all the way up to something huge like going back to school or getting a GED.  There are so many was we can all encourage each other and in the process we ALL walk away stronger.


In January we are hosting a ‘Dress for Success” type event.  We want to show how to dress appropriately for an interview.  We will be shopping in the Thrift Store and are hoping to get some hair and makeup people involved!  If you or anyone you know would like to help us please, please, please let us know! Also we will be discussing interview dos and dont’s!


We would love for everyone on our email list to show up and show these women tons encouragement, praise and love.  It truly does not matter where you are in your life…..we all can benefit from these things.  We all know how good it feels just to know someone cares, or hear “you look really pretty in that or YOU CAN DO THIS!!”    So please mark it on your calendar and join us!