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February Update

Carlson Gracie Lakeland hosted today’s event and was led by Andrew and Kelsey,
with additional aid from Regina and Sam.

Today was not just about learning self-defense skills,
but more importantly focusing on confidence and self-esteem!
The girls warmed up pretty quickly to the training, and I can see
several of them becoming very skilled in jiu-jitsu
(which may be possible as they have the option to continue working at
Carlson Gracie Lakeland if they’d like to at no cost (how amazing is that!!!!).

If you’re looking for your own stress relief and a
way to become less of a target for potential perpetrators,
I highly recommend checking them out.
They have a weekend class for women that sounds wonderful.

Another huge thank you to our volunteers today who made some long drives
just to work alongside the girls, compliment them, and ultimately show them that
there are people out in the community who enjoy spending time with them.