Cinco De Mayo Celebration

April Update:

Our April workshop was this past Saturday. Sadly it was Anna’s last with our chapter as she is headed back to Austin in a couple of weeks. ☹️ We do hope that she comes back for a visit and volunteer with us again. ❤️
Renee was our workshop leader this month and led the girls through a unique mixed media art project using lipstick, lipgloss and paper! Many sketched out their design and used lipsticks to fill it in. Don’t worry these were brand new ????.
While we snacked on cupcakes and pretzels she led the group on an easy way to make a cute yet seriously affordable, decorative garland suitable for any party. The end was proof that it’s doesn’t take a lot of money to make holiday decor. Renee is all about making something from random objects that we typically have just lying around.
It was a leftover activity from Valentine’s Day but who cares right?!
Supply list:
– 3-4 packs of playing cards
– 2 infinity scarfs ( I had 2 from Valentine’s Day)
– one hole punch
– some bakers twine
– one foot long piece of white fabric
Take the packs of cards (we used three) and then sort out all of the diamond and heart cards. You’ll use these only if it’s valentine theme. Then punch two holes in the top of each card with a hole punch. Once that’s complete you’ll want to cut the two infinity scarves and the fabric into small strips. Then you’ll string your cards onto the bakers twine all facing the same direction. Make sure to make a half knot loop at each end when done so cards don’t slide off. See super easy I know! Then finally you’ll take the strips of scarves/ fabric and tie them onto the string in between the cards however you want. We had enough to make two very long garlands.
You can even add other strips of fun fabric or even handmade paper tassels to make it more fun! These two garlands costed about $6 to make with some still leftover for more garland. You’d just need to buy some more fabric or scarves.
Many of these kids understand what it means to not have birthday parties and holidays because their parents don’t have the money to buy decorations to even celebrate. This was a way to show them that it’s ok to not have the latest and greatest in decor because you can always make something out of nothing and still celebrate no matter how much you don’t have!