About Our Chapter

Chapter History:
 Theresa Faughnan became the  the Managing Leader of Chicktime Charleston after serving as a Co-leader and when the founder felt led to start other area chapters. She truly felt a calling to teenage girls because she remembered how difficult that era was for her and how nice it would have been to have someone. Women are always running in many directions and if they want to help someone they feel they don’t have time, aren’t good enough, strong enough, etc. What she  loved about Chicktime is that it is all about showing the kids love. You are an adult that they can trust and you are giving them your attention. Theresa loved that women  use your own gifts or interest to share with the kids. Theresa moved to North Carolina where she hopes to start a new chapter there one day. 


 Megan Swatt was the founder of Chicktime Charleston. Before having 3 kids she used to volunteer regularly and  felt the call to start again.  She had searched a few times for the right organization to work with and  come out feeling defeated.  Either the commitment was too great for  or shefelt under qualified to work with abused children. She decided to try again and  came to a website called volunteermatch.org. She came to Chicktime’s page and it jumped out at her.  It said “Women, don’t just be sad about child abuse, do something about it right NOW” That got her attention!!!!  She clicked on the website and searched for a local chapter in Charleston to volunteer with. She was sad to see there wasn’t one.  She was about to move on but I clicked on the “start a chapter” option and started to read through what it took.  She thought “I can do this!”  She felt that there werevmany women who feel like her- too busy,scared or under qualified to volunteer with abused children. Megan served as Managing Leader until she moved to plant another chapter. Her heart was telling her there are many group homes that need Chicktime.  She currently serves as a co-leader for Chicktime Park Circle. 



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