Carnival Time at New Life!

Chicktime Carnival Time


New Life girls (and Chicktime volunteers who love to be girls) tout Chicktime Carnival as summer time’s most fun event!  The girls really look forward to it and are especially well-mannered and helpful; it’s quite inspiring.
Perhaps more inspiring is the family who dreamed a big dream, stepped out in faith and helped it come true.  Four generations of women, teenager Haylee Oliver, her mom Paula, her mom Deenie Stevens, and her 90-ish mom Mildred Guest joined in this third year of festivities!
It started with Haylee’s desire to have it be all about fun, water, outdoors, and celebrating summer!  She worked on a presentation to businesses, from rental company’s giving half off, to individual donors. (Paula says people are more apt to give to a teen with a big heart!)
The first year a whopping $170 was raised having a carwash in their front yard.  Trying to avoid that one in the future (yes, they did mention the future woo-hoo), because it took 10 hours and lots of water!