How We Serve


Dear Monthly Chick Leader,


Thank you so much for volunteering with the Oceanside Chicks!  We love spending time with the girls at Milestone.  Our community is blessed to have women with so many talents willing to step forward and show love, hope and support to the girls.  Without you, we truly believe this program would not be the wonderful blessing it is to so many.  The words thank you are just not enough.


Here are a few general guidelines for leading a Chicktime Oceanside month at Milestone

Your Programs:


Thanks 4 CaringYou will need to provide approximately one 1.5 hour program.  If that seems to long, we recommend that you invite 1 to 3 girlfriends to lead different programs with you.  For example,  if you love to bake, prepare a program that will allow the girls to decorate cookies or cupcakes.  If your girlfriend loves crafts, she will prepare a crafting session with the girls. The program you select may be theme based (which is always fun) because of the month in which it falls – EX. March – Mardi Gras.  Or, your event may have an educational theme such as careers, health and beauty, or fitness.   We recommend you incorporate a snack station or a food that goes along with your theme.  The girls love to eat. *A listing of program ideas is available on our website under Program Ideas.




-Once you decide the program you will provide, call Veronica Basulto at 760-681-0530 and she will let you know if your ideas are appropriate for the girls.  The staff at Milestone know our desire is to bring new experiences – both fun and educational – into the lives of the girls in a safe, healthy environment.


-The Milestone girls are between the ages of 13-17 so you would want to incorporate something fun and interesting for teen girls. There can be up to 9 girls who may be in attendance for your event.  You must make preparations for all, providing enough materials for all to participate, but please understand on any given month, the attendance number can change.  We will discuss this ahead of time, while planning your event, so you know how much to prepare for.Gardening Day


-You are responsible to fund all materials for your programs.  If you need fundraising advise and support, please contact Veronica Basulto at basulto.veronica@gmail.com



No idea is too big or too small for the Oceanside Chick.  So if you have a great idea, run it by us, don’t think its too crazy or wonder if the girls will like it.  We love seeing the girls try something new.   If you have a passion for what you are doing, you will bring everyone in the room on board with you.  I promise!


Your Volunteers:



Carnival Day Volunteers-You are responsible to bring ALL volunteers to facilitate your programs

-Additional volunteers will join us on any given Saturday, but they will serve as mentors enjoying time with the girls.  You may bring additional volunteers to come and “play”, in addition to your program facilitators.  Bringing your volunteers to run the programs also opens  opportunities  for new volunteers to experience Chicktime!



-Once Veronica has the information for your event, she will generate an invitation to the event and send it out to our database to our regular volunteers.  You are encouraged to send the invitation to your circle of friends and family as well as print them off and distribute to your community if you desire.  Please encourage  your friends  to fill out our web form and sign up to join Chicktime Oceanside so they can be included in future events and help build our volunteer base.  Simply click the subscribe button at the bottom of every page to open the web form.  Make sure to select CA-Oceanside from the drop down menu.


What to Wear:

-We typically wear jeans, capris/long shorts and Chicktime t-shirts.  We will have the Chicktime t-shirts available prior to each Chicktime event.  They are available to you for a $20 donation.  We do encourage everyone to get one because it helps spread the word about Chicktime!   100% of the money goes to the Chicktime programs for the Milestone girls.  This is how we raise money for special projects for the girls.   If you do not have a Chicktime shirt, please wear a modest top that shows no cleavage, and shirts that stay tucked in and do not ride above the waist when bending over.  We also suggest that you do not wear designer clothes or excessive jewelry.  This helps the girls relate to us better and does not make them feel “small”.   Our goal is to blend with the girls and make them feel part of our community.  Thank you for respecting these clothing boundaries.


Other things to consider:-Cameras are allowed with special permission, NO pictures of the Milestone girl’s faces are allowed to be taken at any time.


Thank you for saying, YES, when asked to facilitate a month.  You have chosen to be the hands and feet of Jesus by blessing these girls with your love.