Kick Ball Time!

February Update:

1 Corinthians 13:13 …and the greatest of these things is love …
Our February workshop was so many things… fun, busy, and oh so YUMMY!

Our monthly workshop leader “Mrs. Kelly” ( and long time volunteer with Chicktime San Antonio) taught the girls how to make homemade pizza ?, ( dough AND Sauce) and homemade chocolate squares for dessert! It happened to be her birthday so Chicktime San Antonio made our own special dessert in her honor and sang happy birthday to her! Every year when we are searching for workshop leaders to take on a month to lead she always says YES! We are so grateful!

Special thanks to the service club- SOS( service over self) from Stevens High School who came out to serve alongside with us! Such a beautiful group of girls with HUGE hearts ♥️!

Chicktime San Antonio is committed to serving the teen girls at Boysville the 3rd Saturday of every month for years to come! We pray you will come feel the joy and AMORE we have found when we are there!

All our love,

Letty, Donnette, & Annette
Chicktime San Antonio Leadership Team