Volunteer Match is powerful and we highly recommend that all chapters use the system. There are tutorials located on the volunteermatch.org website and they also offer online support.


Once your chapter has an established relationship with a charity partner, Chicktime, Inc. will create a volunteermatch.org account for your chapter upon your request. It is quite time consuming to build these accounts so please use them if you request that we create one for you!


*Volunteermatch.org only allows 501 (c)(3) organizations to use their system. Your accounts are created under the Chicktime, Inc.’s account. Individual chapters won’t be able to set up their own chapter accounts, please contact info@chicktime.com if you would like to have one!


**Before we can set you up as the administrator for your chapter’s volunteermatch.org account, you must first visit the volunteermatch.org website and create a personal account.


To learn more about volunteermatch.org visit their website.

Contact info@chicktime.com when you are ready to start using volunteermatch.org