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** Special Note to Leaders: The CRM-Volunteer Management System keeps up with your volunteers who sign up online by clicking the ‘subscribe’ button. Chapter leaders are also encouraged to add all of their volunteers to this system as there are many benefits. There is a separate menu tab for the CRM-Volunteer Management System on the Leader Resources menu but you MUST be logged in to view it. Contact info@chicktime.com if you don’t remember your login information.


Inspiring my Community and Friends to get Involved:


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Building your roster and getting your friends involved is easy.


*We recommend you write a letter to send out to all of your friends and contacts. A sample is provided below. Share your heart and you will shocked by the people who will come alongside you!


*During conversations, share what you love about Chicktime with girlfriends. Invite them to receive the newsletter. They may sign up online (which we recommend) and/or you can take down their name and contact info. We ask that you send info@chicktime.com an excel spreadsheet listing all of your members with columns for ‘last name’, ‘first name’, ’email address’ monthly. We will make sure they are registered to receive the monthly newsletter. Please note that Chicktime, Inc. (with extremely rare exception) will not send out emails to your members in addition to the monthly e-newsletter.


*Print business cards and share when you feel moved… and you will. It is a great way to get people to visit your web page and to have your email address for later!


*Seek opportunities to speak about Chicktime at local women’s groups. Once invited, go prepared with Chicktime gear and a sign up sheet. They will most likely sign up to receive the newsletter if you pass around the sign up sheet, which means they will now receive all of your invitations to your monthly Chicktime events. Most women’s groups adore Chicktime speakers and truly enjoy hearing the vision. You will also be blessed by these opportunities… try it and you will know what we are talking about!


*Print out monthly invitations to your Chicktime events and carry them in your car. When you feel moved to invite women to Chicktime (and you will) it is nice to be able to hand them something tangible, they will most likely come to your event.


*Make sure you have a roster sign up sheet at your monthly Chicktime events!!









Sample Letter to send out to help spread the word about this new thing called Chicktime that you are doing: Feel free to ‘borrow’ pieces you like! The middle section is where you will want to plug in thoughts from your vision statement.


February 1, 2014



Dear Friends (new, old, and friends to be)!


I have something exciting to share with you. My life is moving in new and exciting directions and I want to invite you to join me on this journey.


As an expression of this ‘call’ to love God’s women and children, I have decided to establish a Chicktime Chapter in our local community. My friend Amy is co-founding this group with me.


Your vision here (in black): Chicktime Palestine was born out of love. The best kind of love, and the kind we, the gals of Chicktime, want every girl (no matter her age) to feel!


Before I came to know this extraordinary love, most days I can remember were filled with self doubt….’will I say something stupid, will anyone like me, will I be left by someone I love’. I was filled with anxiety and worry, I would have rather not been involved than take a chance at rejection. The enemy was winning!   Recently I started to read God’s Word everyday….I have learned that these thoughts were holding me captive from the very relationship I so craved….one that would never leave or forsake me….a relationship with my Lord and Savior.


Chicktime is about finding our purpose and sharing it with others to make this world a better place.  At this point in my journey I feel like my purpose is to let girls know that there is this wonderful relationship is out there, one born out of unfailing love.  We are all special and wonderful… beautiful and  we ALL  matter to HIm  and we ALL have a gift from God to share with this world.


I love this verse, kinda chopped it up a little, but it has brought me much comfort….

Mark 5:34 & 36  ’Daughter your faith has made you well, do not be afraid only believe”


Believe with me even if the world convinces you otherwise. Believe with me even if your schedule seems overloaded already. Believe with me even if you think you have nothing to offer… because you do my sister… and the very people needing God’s love WILL experience it through you.


To learn more about Chicktime Palestine, please join us for a ‘Girls Night Out’ on Thursday, April 22nd. We can’t wait to share this adventure with you! Call or email for location and time.




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