Brunch Time


January Update:

What a way to bring in the new year and get some plants potted to watch grow over the year! We saw some familiar faces who lovingly greeted us upon arrival. We are so grateful to Ms. Marsha and the Accenture team (Ms. Savanah, Ms. Amber, & Mr. David) for bringing the plants and pots to share with the kiddos.
Our group this month was all teens! And boy did they whip through getting those beautiful plants in the pots. Mr. David was so kind and shared his story about how he grew up with plants and learning how to take care of them. He informed the kids where the plants originate from, how much to water, where to keep them for the sunlight and of course, to talk to the plants with love and care. As we should speak to ourselves too! The kids were also naming their plants, such as Fergalicious, Sunflower, and Patricia 😄
Ms. Gladys, Ms. Marsha, Ms. Amber and Ms. Krystal went around and helped the kids and chatted and laughed about all different kinds of things. From Six Flags to becoming an adult and dealing with car insurance 😅
We ended the workshop with some yummy sandwich lunchables.
And thanks to Ms. Marsha and the team who donated 36 blankets to the bridge! Our kiddos from today got to choose their blanket to keep them warm for the upcoming cold front! And the rest were left for the shelter to use as needed.
We are truly so thankful to be able to spend time with such a wonderful group of teens. They mean more to us than they know and we’re thankful for the volunteers who took the time to spend with us today and made this workshop possible.
See you all in February at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives!