Boo Ya’ll!

September Update:

These are the faces of two V E R Y happy Chicktime leaders! We met with the director of Wiregrass Children’s Home in Wicksburg and they have agreed to be the charity partner of the brand new Chicktime Wicksburg Chapter! W O W ! I’m beyond grateful and blessed! Thank you to everyone that has prayed with us for this opportunity! Thank you, Chicktime Dothan, for your emotional support in all of this! We are beyond excited to begin loving on the kids!


We had successful workshop yesterday at the #alabamabaptistchildrenshome as we lead Chicktime Dothan’s September workshop!???? As Lynn lead the volunteers in a closing prayer, we could hear the chatter and laughter of our babies in the background and it instantly filled my heart with joy.

The kids had fun, they know how much the ladies of Chicktime Dothan LOVE them, and they will reflect on these moments in the years to come.

This group of volunteers, as well as the house parents Mike and Heidi, play such an instrumental part in the character development of the children that reside at the home and I am so appreciate of each one of them. If we want to make a difference in the world we live, we must begin with our children and these ladies (and Mike!) are faithful servants.

Thank you, all of you, for your selflessness and willingness to fulfill any needs that we have.

We are excited to begin making special memories like these with our charity partner, the Wiregrass Children’s Home, in October and we would LOVE for you to join us!

Joyfully, Chicktime Wicksburg

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