Meet the Leaders

Melva Schrunk

Chicktime Boerne Chapter Leader




Why I serve in a leadership role with Chicktime:
Serving as a leader for Chick Time will allow me to serve my community where I am most needed. This opportunity will hopefully let me embrace with our girls to ensure them that they are valuable and loved. I look forward to making new friendships with others that pursue the same passion of serving our community.

My passions and gifts:
I believe every human being should feel loved, and surround ourselves with others that will bring out the best in us. My gift is to make other smile. I will make it my mission to encourage the girls in our chapter to Live with promise, Love with passion, and to Laugh with Pleasure!

Hobbies and interests:
I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends. Music is a must! I attend as many concerts as possible.


Melva Castillo

Chicktime Boerne Chapter Co-Leader




Why I serve in a leadership role with Chicktime:
I have always loved volunteering and helping others so when I found out about Chicktime I figured this would be the perfect place to do that! I believe that it is important to give back and not to be so selfish. Chicktime is the perfect place to give back because these girls don’t need much, all they really want is someone to hang out with and talk to. I love being able to see the girls have a great time, smiling, laughing, and just forget what’s going on in their lives even if its just for an hour.


My passions and gifts:
Helping others in need and putting others first.


Hobbies and interests:
Traveling, concerts, and spending quality time with the people who are important in my life.

Veronica Villalobos
Chicktime Boerne Chapter Co-Leader

Why I serve in a leadership role with Chicktime:

If I want the world to be a better place, then I have to contribute; that’s why I enjoy serving our girls. I want them to find value in our common goal for hope and improvement.  If we work together, we have the ability to make an impact, no matter how small.

My passions and gifts:

I strive to help others find their voice and respect their ideas. Small positive actions can become big realizations if we believe in ourselves and find grace in our journey.

Hobbies and interests:
I find peace in painting,  cooking and reading.  My interests range from beautiful cars to beautiful songs. I also love learning about the connections between different cultures, foods, ideologies and our history.
Chicktime Boerne :
Volunteer Coordinator- Melva S.
Facebook Manager- Melva C.
Website Monitor- Veronica V.
Calendar Manager- Melva C.
Treasurer- Melva S.
Rising Managing Leader-Melva C.