Beaded DIY Wind Chimes

Beaded DIY Wind Chimes


Driftwood Sticks


Glass Beads

Small Screw Eye Pins

Fishing Line

Jute Twine

Paint Brush

Washi tape



Step 1 – Paint Stick.

Now this part is where the kids can get as creative as they want.  
We decide to paint our stick first, just giving it some extra detail.
 They can freehand or tape off, with decorative washi tape, whichever works best.


Once it’s dry they can add some more details with a fine paint brush.
 I also think adding some glitter paint would be a fun addition as well!
Since I used Patio Paint from DecoArt this wind chime will be long lasting outside!


Step 2 – Add Hooks.

Let’s add our hooks.  Now this is the part that an adult will have to help with.  The hooks actually go into the driftwood pretty easily.  Just mark the spots and start twisting them into place. For a younger child this might be hard to do, but you can always get it started for them and they can finish it.


Step 3 – Add Beads.

Now let’s add our beads!!  When adding the beads I had no rhyme or reason. I was just mixing them up as best as I could.



Once we were done adding our beads, we tied a knot at the end using a smaller bead to help keep it in place.



Step 4 – Add Hanger.

Now let’s hang it up! I added two more of the hooks at each end of the wind chime. Then used some jute to hang it up!


Printable instructions for this craft can be found here