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September 2017 Invite - Volunteers_2

Friends can be in your lifetime for a short time, a season, or a lifetime. Sometimes friends surprise you and stay in your life longer than you anticipated. Take that friend you met in grade school and you still keep in touch. That wasn’t supposed to happen, but isn’t it wonderful that it did? Or that friend that moved away and you keep in touch that long-distance way, where you talk a few times a year and barely see each other but when you do, it’s like no time has been lost. Aren’t friends great?

I’ve had some great friends really be supportive of me lately. They tend to do that even when you don’t know you need them to. They may ask to go to dinner or simply go for a walk somewhere. You talk about things that aren’t too important, vent about things that you are making more important than they need to be, and go through all the fun of life together. When I go home after having a relaxing meal or stroll with a friend, I always walk a little lighter and feel a lot better. I know it can be a lot of work to have friends; you have to schedule it, set aside time and be there for them when you are sometimes busy yourself. But when you think back in life you think of all the memories you have made. Usually the memories you treasure most are made with friends.

I have found some great friends through Chicktime. Being around like-minded people who volunteer with kids and genuinely want to make the world a better place has helped me focus on what is important. Their energy and passion is contagious! We would love to see you again at Chicktime, or if you’ve never been, we have room in our hearts and our group for new friends too. I hope to see you at the next event on September 9 where we will have a Mexican fiesta and get crafty!

Your friend,