August News


July Update

In honor of July 4th, celebrating America was our focus with Patriot Games.  Sonja Coburn and her team of volunteers put together some great games for friendly competition with awards.   Ruth led the water balloon relay and the girls really love water balloons.  Nancy and her family ran the duck races.  This was a big hit with the girls as they selected their own duck and with a straw blew the ducks across the pool to see who would win.  Rosamaria was in charge of the water balloon bucket toss. This was a wet and wild game where the girls tossed water soaked balls into the buckets to earn points.  Ring Toss led by Luquita and her mother was a lot of fun and very challenging.  The girls tried hard to master this skill with a lot of practice.  It was a beautiful day at New Life with blossoming trees, great weather and tons of snacks.  Thanks to Sonja and team for the great activities.